We hope that you find the visits section of this web site helpful. The information has been made readily available in order to ensure that visitors arriving at HMP Rye Hill are able to enjoy their visit and gain the maximum benefit from it.

The environment in which all visits are held is important and to ensure they are stress free experiences every effort is made to explain procedures clearly and reasons for decisions clarified. Whilst security is a major consideration in relation to visits a relaxed atmosphere prevails when the clearly specified rules of conduct and behaviour are observed by prisoners and their visitors.


At HMP Rye Hill we understand that it is constructive for prisoners and their family and friends to have the opportunity to retain close relationships and family ties whilst in our custody. We realise that prison can be intimidating places for visitors who have never experienced the visiting process and particularly stressful and exhausting for young children who accompany their parents when undergoing the necessary entry and exit procedures.

We therefore aim to ensure that all visits to HMP Rye Hill are conducted in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere and that all visitors are treated courteously and politely.


Our dedicated booking line is staffed Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) between the hours of 0900 and 1200 hrs and 1300 and 1630 hrs.

At HMP Rye Hill the prisoners book all their family and friends visits on a computer kiosk. They will then notify you of the date and time they have booked (you will not receive a visiting order)

On each visit a maximum of three adults are allowed with accompanying children.

Reception visits are for 1 hour at 1500 hrs and must be taken within the first 7 days of arrival (excluding weekends)

To make a reception visit booking please call our direct number +44(0)1788 523303



Official visitors will be permitted to enter with document files (subject to search) but not with mobile telephones or other electronic equipment. Audio and video playing facilities will be made available if requested at the time of booking.

Legal or other official visits may be conducted privately in one of the three official visit booths available in the Visits Hall, although these are within the sight of visits staff. This is dependent on availability.

Our dedicated booking line is staffed Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) between the hours of 0900 – 1200 and 1300 – 16.30 hrs.

All official visits must be booked in the official visits register for the appropriate day. All relevant details must be taken to include the company/organisation, contact name, telephone number and extension and the name(s) and number of offender(s). If there is any doubt over the authenticity of the visit, the visitor must be confirmed by reference back to the company concerned.

For Police Visits, in addition to completing the Official Visits Register, a Request for Police Interview form must also be competed. Unless indicated to the contrary by the booking police force. The prisoner must be contacted and advised of the visit so that the presence of the prisoner’s legal representative can be arranged by the prisoner.

To make a booking please call our direct number +44 (0) 1788 523303


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13:30hrs - 16:45hrs

13:30hrs - 16:45hrs & 18:00hrs - 19:15hrs

13:30hrs - 16:30hrs

09:15hrs - 11:15hrs & 13:30hrs - 16:30hrs

09:15hrs - 11:15hrs (Homework Club Only) & 13:30hrs - 16:30hrs

Entry is not allowed in the final 60 minutes of a visits session.

The length of your visit will depend on what incentive scheme privilege the person you are visiting is on.

  • SiL Regime is entitled to 12 hours per month and can only be booked in blocks of up to 2hrs per visit.
  • Bronze Hours/Month is entitled to 12 hours per month and can only be booked in blocks of up to 2hrs per visit.
  • Silver Hours/Month is entitled to 12 hours per month and can only be booked in blocks of up to 2hrs per visit.
  • Gold Hours/Month is entitled to 15 hours per month and can only be booked in blocks of up to 3hrs per visit.


Video calling is now available from HMP Rye Hill.

You can download the Purple Visits app from the iOS app store, or the Google Play store.
Once registered on the app, you will need to add the Name & Prison Number of the person you would like to Video Call.

You should add any other approved family members/friends (including those under 18 years) as an ‘additional participant’, who will need to be verified before a call can be booked. After you have registered, added the prisoner name and number, added any approved additional participants, and all participants have been verified, you can then go ahead and book a call.

Please be aware and ensure that only verified participants will be allowed on a Purple Visits video call. Calls will be monitored and recorded by prison staff. Any attempt to break the rules surrounding video calls MAY result in your call being terminated, and restrictions being applied for future calls.


Visitors must wear appropriate attire (no clothing above the knee length –skirts, shorts or dresses) no backless or low cut garments. No string vests, no hooded tops/coats, no scarves or gloves, no metal toed footwear. No head gear other than on recognised religious grounds, no items of clothing displaying an offensive slogan.


On arrival you will be directed to report to the Visitors Centre for initial registration. Please try to arrive at least twenty minutes prior to the starting time of your visit, to ensure that the entry searching process does not delay the start of your visit.

In the Visitors Centre you will need to produce your acceptable form of identification. Adult visitors will also be enrolled within the Visitor Registration Scheme (VRS) and received a bar-coded or similar data-specific identification tag or non-removable bracelet.

Social visitors are not permitted to take had baggage beyond the Visitors Centre and locker facilities are available for safe storage of such items. Please retain the key during your visit. At this point you will also be informed of the maximum amount of money that you may take into the prison for the purpose of purchasing light refreshments during your visit. The amount you can take through at the moment is £40.

Once registered, you will be called forward to the Entry Building Visitors entrance for searching. Your identification will be rechecked and you will be directed across to the Visits Hall.

If you are bringing babies or small children into the prison and require a pram/stroller, we will provide one for your use during your visit.


All visitors to HMP Rye Hill are searched on entry to the prison. Consent to being searched is a precondition of entry into any G4S prison and notices to this effect can be seen displayed in the Visitors Centre and in the entrances to the prison. Exit searching will also take place following every visiting session.

Searching will be carried out with due regard for the dignity of the individual and his/her possessions. Manual searching by staff will be supplemented by the use of X-ray and metal detection equipment. Drug detection dogs and equipment, and CCTV surveillance. Children under ten years of age will always be searched by female members of staff. Arrangements for the searching of infants will specifically require the parent or carer to observe the process.


Once searching has been completed, adult visitors will be issued with a wristband and all visitors will then move to the Visits Hall. You will be directed to a pre-selected and numbered table.

Seating arrangements are designed as to place prisoners in specific seats that are visually identifiable. Prisoners will not be allowed to sit on seats other than those proved for their use. The same applies also to visitors. Please be aware that CCTV is in operation in the Visits hall. Sexual, indecent or other antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated and contravention of these rules may result in early termination of the visit.

At the conclusion of the visiting session, visitors will remain in the Visits hall until their prisoner has left the building. The Visits Hall is designated a non-smoking area in the interest of public health. Signs to this effect will be prominently displayed.


If you are bringing babies or small children into the prison and require a pram/stroller, we will provide one for your use during your visit. Your own pram/stroller will be placed into the storage area until after the visit.

Children frequently find difficulty in coping with prison visiting, play facilities are therefore provided in HMP Rye Hill for children both in the Visitor’s Centre and within the Visits hall. Short videos and toys provided with in the children’s play area help keep the children entertained. Children who behave in a disruptive manner can ruin other prisoner and family visiting time and we encourage parents to take responsibility for their children’s behaviour.



All visitors to HMP Rye Hill whether for social or legal purposes are required to prove their identity when booking in.

Acceptable forms of identification are;

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Employers or Student ID card (must include clearly name, photograph and signature)
  • EC Identity Card
  • Senior Citizens public transport pass issued by the local authority

For children under 18 years acceptable ID;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Card
  • Passport

For other forms of ID that may be acceptable please contact the prison before you attend.

No visitor will be refused entry without reference to the senior manager on duty. The director has the discretion to accept any form of identification that clearly identifies the visitor in a satisfactory way.


Local Taxis

Crest Taxis Unit 14
Woodside Park
Wood Street
CV21 2NP
Tel: 01788 543000

Busy Cab
68 Bath Street
CV21 3JD
Tel: 01788 575757

6 Regent Place
CV21 2 PN
Tel: 01788 543333

97a Albert Street
CV21 2SW
Tel: 01788 540800


The nearest railway station is Rugby. There are frequent services from London, Birmingham and the North.

However, transport will need to be arranged between Rugby Railway Station and HMP Rye Hill.